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Building Bridges
Jan 1, 2008
How can we define The Fountain in a single word? As the editors we have been thinking about this question for a few weeks now, and we have reached a conclusion: “bridge.” What kind of a bridge is The Fountain? It is intended to be a bridge between the mind and the heart; it is a bridge between human existence and the universe, science and religion, East and West, believer and non-believer, this world and the next, material and spiritual, parents and children . . . You may be able to add to this list. Providing connections between so many separate elements may sound rather unlikely or presumptuous, but we wholeheartedly feel that all of these are directly related to The Fountain. The need for a “multi-directional,” multi-purpose bridge is ever increasing as the chasm between the binary sets above continues to grow, stretching taut the connections between them. As we become more advanced in science and technology, our self-praising ego develops a false sense of power which we think unconditionally belongs to us; we tend to feel as if we no longer need to believe in a Supernatural Being Who creates and runs all the events in the universe.

We turn our face from the Almighty to a self-proclaimed deity: our carnal self. We are entangled more and more every passing day in the occupations of this world, so much so that we are blindfolded by what is tangible; we satisfy our thirst for real knowledge with salty water, which is counter-productive, and we feel as if all that falls beyond what the eyes in our heads can perceive is not relevant to human existence at all. Human advances in technology, health, transportation and communication require a stronger bridge between belief and science, a bridge firmly raised on the foundations of the mind and the heart. A healthy human existence is only possible if we can have a balanced, holistic worldview in which the mind operates in harmony with the heart, so that we are concerned with human rights and welfare in a way that addresses the big question: What is our destination after death? Is it true that everything is “unplugged,” a complete blackout, when we die?

In order to deal more frequently with these complexities of human life, we are glad to announce that The Fountain will appear bi-monthly and in sixty-eight pages as of this issue. For several years now, our readers have been requesting more frequent publication and have complained about having to wait three months between issues. Our online survey also revealed the same result: even though it will be a little more expensive, the overwhelming majority of our subscribers asked for more frequent publication. For the last fifteen years The Fountain has been published as a quarterly and in fifty-two pages, so it was not an easy decision for us to take; anyone who is involved in the publication of a periodical can appreciate the difficulty of this change: a greater commitment to deadlines, more intense editorial work, more articles, more correspondence, and so on. We ask for your prayers and hands-on support for us to maintain the straight path The Fountain has demonstrated for the past decade and a half. We wish you a pleasant and safe journey across our bridge.